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Friday, November 30 2018

A few months ago I heard the legendary Dr. Elmer Towns of Liberty University/Theological Seminary talk about a word that I have come to love…the word exponential. I love it because it teaches us not just disciple-making, but how to grow disciple-makers who produce more disciple-makers. But the secret is not just principles . . . growing churches need an entire makeover . . . Isn’t that called revival?  We need workable methods, powerful prayer, faith to move mountains and bold exponential evangelism in 2019!


Here is how your church can grow exponentially. 

· Exponential VISION                                          

· Exponential PRAYER

· Exponential EVANGELISM

· Exponential TEACHING

· Exponential WORSHIP

· All this energy led to exponential BOLDNESS


When we get people praying for exponential growth . . . revival will come!  That’s why I want to URGE you as churches and as a people to join the NKBA in 40 Days of Prayer for SPIRITUAL AWAKENING in NKY. We will have a Facebook page (Praying for NKY) that will provide daily devotionals and will promote our Spiritual Awakening Conference, March 8-9, 2019 at Main Street Baptist Church in Alexandria with Dennis Pethers.


Dennis is the Founder and International Pioneer of The Rooftop Movement Dennis became a disciple of Jesus having been an atheist.  Following his decision to follow Christ, Dennis trained at Spurgeon’s College and then pastored a ‘missional community’ on the edge of London.  For most of His ministry Dennis has been engaged in evangelism and disciple-making.  Between 1993 and 2014, Dennis founded and led ‘Viz-A-Viz Ministries’ an organization that reached tens of thousands of people in the UK who are beyond the walls of the church.  In 2014, Dennis founded The Rooftop Ministries, a global movement that is encouraging and equipping churches to join Jesus in His mission by making disciples among people who are beyond the walls of the church. This is a great hope I have for our NKBA churches!


 My prayer for the NEW YEAR?


Let’s ask God to give us exponential faith to move mountains – Mark 11:22-24

Let’s pray for exponential vision to revitalize our churches. 

Let’s start doing what Jesus promised, “Let’s change the world.”


I look forward to all that God has in store for us in 2019!

It is a joy to serve our churches! Merry Christmas and remember, OUR BEST DAYS ARE AHEAD!


Following Him,




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Jim Woolums

Jim Woolums
Director of Missions

Jim has served in ministry for 42 years and has served as a youth minister, staff minister, church planter, college professor, in higher education administration, a small business owner, lead pastor, and has served as the Lead Follower/Director of Missions of the NKBA since April 2014.


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