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Tuesday, March 02 2021

This post is taken from Carey Nieuwhof with my editorial comments. I simply couldn’t say it any better than he has written this.


As we begin the summer of 2021 and we get closer to a post-COVID season, how is your church positioned for reaching new people in the years ahead?


Over 5000 church leaders recently completed the Church Outreach Assessment, and the data is in. The results were a little surprising, with some signs of hope as well as some significant areas for growth.


The good news is that churches are making some strides toward reaching more people with the hope of the Gospel.


The tougher news is that there are also some challenges ahead.


Heres the tension: most church leaders want to see their church reach more people. Yet the data shows that many leaders find themselves leading a church thats not positioned to do so.


Here is the finding I want to focus on:


Showing Little Commitment To Evangelism And Discipleship



Of all the findings in the Church Outreach Assessment, this was the most shocking to me. 22% of pastors disagree with the statement that evangelism is highly important to their church. And 16% of church leaders disagree with the statement that discipleship is highly important to their church.


I think most of us would have imagined that almost all church leaders would agree that evangelism and discipleship are both highly important.


But one in five church leaders say evangelism doesnt matter, and one in six say discipleship isnt highly important.


If youre not committed to evangelism or discipleship, what exactly are you committed to as a church?


Without a deep commitment to evangelism and discipleship, any church will be off-mission. PERIOD. Growing churches will be passionate about both, and seek to do both well. I pray that our NKBA pastors, staff, and churches will renew themselves to a renewed commitment to evangelism and discipleship…anything else is simply missing the mark on accomplishing the mission of Christ.


One way you can begin…the Gospel to Every Home. Many of our churches have already committed to praying over their communities and intentionally reaching out to them. There is no better time than this summer! It’s not too late, simply contact me and I will help you get started! We have data of your community, maps, and resources to get your church involved!


I hope that all our churches rally around this effort…and again, making EVANGELISM and DISCIPLESHIP (which are interwoven) our CLEAR PRIORITY.


It is a joy to serve in such a great season!

Your Lead Follower,


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