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Tuesday, January 14 2020

Helen Keller, a great woman of faith who, though both blind and deaf, left a lasting legacy in our world, was once asked if there was anything worse than being blind. Her response? “Yes, being able to see but not having any vision.”

It’s a remarkable statement if you think about it. Here was a woman who couldn’t see but had so much vision for her life. It’s a statement that pierces through the ability that so many of us often take for granted every day and points us to a greater reality that too few of us ever really take hold of. We know how to see, but we lack vision.

When it comes to seeing and vision, clarity is essential. Which is why so many of us wear glasses. Even if we don’t have any problems with our eyesight, most of us wear glasses of some kind. Some of us wear prescription glasses because we are near-sighted or far-sighted. Lots of us wear sunglasses, because on a bright summer day the glare of the sun keeps us from seeing clearly without them. Some of us wear fake glasses, because we believe we look more scholarly or just plain better with glasses on. But another pair of glasses we sometimes wear is 3D glasses.

Whether we are headed to watch the newest release of Star Wars, Avengers or Toy Story, there is just something that comes to life when we watch these movies in 3D. The glasses look and feel a little goofy at first, but if you have ever tried to watch a 3D movie without them you know just how important the glasses are. Without the glasses, the film is more of a blur than a movie. But with the glasses on, everything comes into focus.

I think that what happens in the theater also happens in our lives. Too many of us are watching a 3D version of our life in two dimensions. God is writing a story in our world and wants to write the story of our lives that leaps off the pages of Bible and into the places we live, work, and play. But for many of us, all we see is a blur.

What do you see when you look at your life? For some of us, all we can see are the obstacles, challenges, and opportunities that are standing right in front of us. We’re living kind of to see clearly what we’re facing right now but incapable of seeing beyond it. For others, we live kind of far-sighted...with a clear vision for the future, but all the obstacles we face each day get in the way of us arriving at a preferred future.

But what if we all could live with a vision for tomorrow that not only inspires us to our future but helps us know what do right now? What if we all could live with 20/20 Vision for Life? Aware of who God has made us to be. Completely committed to what God has called us to do. Compelled by an exciting picture for the future, one that makes the future more than a wish. What if your future was a God-dream that not only came into greater focus and became more real each day but also left a legacy beyond the years of your life?

This is 20/20 Vision for Life. Since this IS the year 2020...what better time than to seek out a clear vision and to hear the call to live your life for all that God designed it to be. It’s a call to stop settling for a lesser version of you than God had in mind when He crafted you in His imagination before you were born. It’s a call to get a clear view of who you are and what you were made for. It’s a call to step into that version of you with the kind of confidence that not only changes you but the entire world around you. See, God has been having a dream about your life from the beginning of time. So why settle for anything less? This is 20/20 Vision for Life, and it’s time for you to get a clear view of the true you.

The NKBA will have a Training Day on  January 18 from  9AM to noon. Training will be provided how you can use God’s Word and Will Mancini’s new book “YOUNIQUE” to help others to find clarity in their personal mission. I look forward to embarking on a great journey in 2020 with you to join Jesus in His mission!



Your Lead Follower, 



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